Self Defense Classes in Toronto

Self Defense Training in the Barrie, Ontario Area.

Master Self Defense in Half the Time with the Most Advanced Training System in the World.

Once reserved for select military and law enforcement personnel, the Self Defense Company™ now offers its combatives programs to you in their original, combat form.

Once reserved for select military and law enforcement personnel, the Self Defense Company™ now offers its combatives programs to you in their original, combat form.

These programs are not designed to win trophies, belts or competitions. They are intended for the real world where winning means seeing your family and friends again and losing means a trip to the hospital or the morgue. In the world of self defense, second place is not an option and self defense is our business.

We accelerate your learning through a two-pronged approach:  live instruction, and on-demand video. As you go through our scientific, progressive learning system you’ll be able to preview and review all of your lessons anywhere you have an internet connection.

Just log onto The Self Defense Company Network at , come to class and then review what you learned later on the network. By being able to preview, review and practice correctly on your own you will cut your training time in less than half. Plus if you have a question you can contact any SDC Instructor on the network.  

At the Self Defense Company, our doors never close and you can take the training with you where ever you go.

Self Defense Company courses will get you trained in the shortest amount of time possible. Unlike traditional martial arts that take years to master by forcing you to learn sport and traditional techniques, Self Defense Company Courses are focused close combat self defense systems based on research that began in the early 1900’s.

Now instead of waiting months to learn something useful, we’re going to give you something that will save your life in your first training session, guaranteed!

From the introductory 60 Minute Self Defense and Family Safe Programs to the elite Guardian Defensive Tactics and the lethal Self Defense Training System, you will become a hard target.

You will accomplish in weeks what some who spend years in martial arts never accomplish.

The Self Defense Company is a global organization of defensive tactic instructors, civilian advisors, active and inactive military and law enforcement officers dedicated to the education and training of crime prevention and conflict resolution. Founded in 2007 by life long martial artist, coach and defensive tactics instructor Damian Ross with the motto “You Don’t Need a Black Belt” the company provides essential skill training on various levels from citizen to soldier.



At the heart of all of the training programs is The Self Defense Training System Combatives Program (SDTS). This progressive learning system has its roots in the hand to hand combat programs of World War II. The research behind these tactics have been proven to work time and time again. The reason they work is simple, they are designed to work in your “Fight or Flight” mode or Sympathetic Nervous System  (SNS) where adrenaline charged by fear limits your skill set and comprehension. The only techniques that work in these situations are simple, large powerful movements.

The Intro Pack

The Intro Pack – $127

Includes 3 lessons and a Bronze Training Program to courseware at The combination of live instruction and online reinforcement will accelerate your training by enabling you to continue your study away from class. This is how the Self Defense Company brings self defense training to the 21st Century. Now instead of having to wait for your next class, all you do is log in and use the multimedia platform to review and preview your training sessions. You can even practice at home without worrying about making a mistake or developing bad habits. BUY INTRO PACK


Have us create a custom seminar or minicamp for your group or organization or attend one of our regularly scheduled seminars or work shops. This is a great way to start training or incorporate real skill building into your next event. Seminars and minicamps can range from a few hours to a few days depending on your needs. We can host them at our facility or at your location. Self defense Company Instructors travel all over the world, so please do not hesitate to ask. REQUEST INFO

SDTS Combatives

SDTS Combatives –(ages 12 and over)

The most comprehensive close quarters combat program on the planet. This 12-step progressive learning system includes everything you ever wanted to learn about self defense. It includes, avoidance, escape and evasion, striking, ground fighting, submissions, throws and takedowns, defenses against grabs, weapon attacks, plus offensive weapon tactics as well as improvised weapons. REQUEST INFO

60 Minute Self Defense

60 Minute Self Defense– (ages 12 and over)

Is what every teen and adult man and woman should know about self defense. It teaches situational awareness, escape and evasion, as well as active resistance and use of force methods designed to limit your contact with the threat and create an opening and escape to safety. This is a must for high school and college bound students as well as adults looking to know the basics of self defense. REQUEST INFO

Family Safe Program

Family Safe Program – (ages 5 to 11 with Parent)

For every family unit with children under 11.  The biggest challenge your family faces is that over 80% of predators are someone who has access to your children. This program teaches kids how to set boundaries and escape when those boundaries are breached. You will learn how to develop plans against home invasion and what to do if you’re separated at the mall or on vacation. Children will learn how to escape from much larger and stronger attackers. REQUEST INFO

Guardian Police Combatives

Guardian Police Combatives – (ages 18 and over)

Is cutting edge training that is rapidly being adopted by many police departments from the NYPD to the State of the Art Police Academies and Correctional Facilities the world over. Includes arresting and cuffing, weapon retention and situational control. REQUEST INFO

Fitness Defense

Fitness Defense – (ages 11 and over)

A combatives based fitness program designed to instill skill while getting in amazing shape with these high intensity interval training circuits designed for every fitness level. Make no mistake, you will develop REAL skill but in a less intense training environment. REQUEST INFO

Instructor Training

Instructor Training – (ages 18 and over)

Become a certified Self Defense Company Instructor. I will take you step by step through the process from training and certification to building your self defense business with our turnkey program. REQUEST INFO